Not known Details About hodgdon cfe pistol load data

Not known Details About hodgdon cfe pistol load data

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The greater long-lasting cavity may possibly bring on quicker blood reduction. Despite the fact that such an edge clearly exists, its importance can not be quantified".

Basically, with 10mm, you can be much better off using the CFE Pistol with lighter bullets compared to the large slugs. It is just too quick for maximum general performance Along with the heavies in 10mm.

I loaded 10 rounds for each load with Winchester smaller rifle primers. 3 various charge weights had been employed with both equally powders to check for linearity about the velocity range examined. Equally 115- and one hundred twenty five-grain Hornady Action Pistol bullets had been examined due to the fact these are in the load assortment which is most commonly used by competitive shooters in compensated pistols.

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This can be a flattened shrerical powder.  Its makes use of are mainly for prime velocity loads we might summarize.  Looking carefully at it, it will not look really spherical, it looks like a creek bed of pebbles.  Its rather dense.  It is possible to place far more in the circumstance than you would ever want.

Navy veteran and professional reloader Bruce Hodgdon was Functioning to be a salesman when he listened to which the U.S. armed forces cfe pistol 9mm 115 load data prepared to damage 1000s of barrels of unneeded powder after WWII. Nevertheless he wasn’t confident there could be a professional marketplace for the surplus powder, he took a danger and obtained (by using a mortgage in opposition to his life insurance policy policy) fifty,000 lbs of surplus 4895 powder.

We didn't find this powder to generally be as exact as its sister powder, WInchester Autocomp.  This more info is often by using a CZ P10c four" barrel with regular sights @  five yards. 

AR-10 reduce receivers, obtainable by way of Arm or Ally, function the core making block for constructing custom AR-10 rifles, renowned for their high quality and compatibility with several configurations and calibers.

Keep in mind that this was a small sample of only 10 rounds for every load, and for a little something this imprecise a larger sample would be expected For additional considerable evidence. Therefore the primer readings needs to be regarded as "suggestive" instead of conclusive by any means.

this delivers ample for toughness of the cartridge together with proper neck tension "normally". Inside of a hand gun its almost always one/two that dimension! But this is also a guide not a stead rapid rule.

I asked if that they had any pistol powder they usually brought out 1lb containers of CFE pistol declaring they had been switching to this. I believe they ended up accomplishing me a favor and not only attempting to shift it. I'm joyful to have found it less than $30 a pound.

Despite burning approximately as fast-burning as AA#five, you happen to be finding probably about one hundred FPS extra velocity than you may with #five out of exactly the same gun, from what I'm able to explain to. The printed data from Hodgdon and Alliant seem to back again that up.

Hodgdon CFE pistol is engineered for temperature steadiness, furnishing reliable ignition and velocity in each cold and hot weather conditions, rendering it a go-to option for shooters in various climates.

A lot of my pistol powder is faster like Titegroup and Clays so I had been thinking a slower powder like CFE Pistol would be a fantastic start off. I also have a small amount of Universal remaining although not A great deal to really mess with. Any individual tried using it and also have fantastic outcomes?

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